Clothing Freebie For Bloggers

We sponsor $20 to $200 freebies to each freebie program holder every month.

Who can apply?

You like clothes and you have blogger / wordpress account with more than 1000 followers or any other social network account with more than 2000 followers / friends.

How to apply?

Put our icon   clothing freebie   on your web page and make sure the icon links to  ,  then email us at submitting your URL link. Once we approve it, we will reply your email, and we will send freebies to you.

What should you do next?

1. You should take photos of yourself wearing the clothes or accessories, etc, we sent to you within 3 days after receiving them

2. And write posts on your blog or comment in your social account sharing your reviews and thoughts about the items you received. In the post or your comment, you should mention the links of items you received.

3. Then send us an email once you complete the post on your blog account or comment in your social account.

What infor will collect? may collect your photos and reviews. We may use them on our site or share them to our social network account. For other special use, we will contact you and get your permission first.


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