Queen Print Silk Tops Skirt

queen print silk tops, queen silk skirts

This outfit is made of 100% silk, we can not lower this price, it is very well made.  There was once, my friend met the queen in a restaurant whom said she was very calm to her and with very good manner, however one of her other friends said “oh, she is just a very old lady with lots of money.”

If nobody wants to wear this Queen Print Silk Tops Skirt, when the queen puts this on, she can wear a hat to cover her face, just random thought 🙂 . Or you can pair the tops with other skirt or jeans, and the skirt matches with a chiffon tee .


Fashion Chiffon Long Melon Boho Skirt

chiffon skirt on XYKOO.com

chiffon long melon skirt