Rottweiler Blue Shark Women Men Sweater

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Here are our new rottweiler style sweater, blue shark sweater , blue shark tee shirt, and rottweiler t-shirt, they are the most popular items in our other shops, i have the blue shark sweater for quite some time now and mine is the velvet version, it is very soft and comfy, you can pair it with the orange pleated skirt,  or light pink jeans if you are female or just jeans for male. 
When i was little, the sharks movie were very popular, the music rises “dum duh, dudu…… dum, dum, dum…… ” :),  and you thought the sharks were coming, but they only came in the middle of the movie,  then you thought, ” no, i should learn swimming just in case :).
The weather now is good in some days and rainy in other days, you should pick the rainy days to swim if you like it, because it is less crowdy :), just like today.

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