Rainbow Chiffon Tops Tee shirt Dress

rainbow chiffon tee shirt dress

Lately, it has lots of rain this summer, so want to see rainbow ?  it was long time ago that i saw rainbow, yes, i always look at the sky all the time, and also like to see birds on trees along the roads i walk, besides walking, i also ride my bike, but i prefer biking than walking really, because as you know bikes are so much faster :).
This rainbow t-shirt dress is best to pair it with wet look shiny leggings, as the dress tops is quite loose.
I got stolen for 6 bikes so far now since bought the first one and used it to go to school at 6 years old. No matter how good the locks are, always seem easy to un-lock them by others that want them too :).
Few days ago, the rain was pouring while i was on my bike, people along the shops shouted at me “stop the bike, come over to wait for the rain to stop then continue to go “,  but i was ok with the rain though, it was like having a shower 🙂 and i took another 20 more minutes to cycle in the rain.

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