galaxy Michael prince vest tee shirt

galaxy tee shirt

I used to have a friend, he’s name was Michael, because there was a very good cartoon on TV that time and the main character is name Michael, he did not speak in the full sets of cartoon, and only played with leaves all day, but he was so chubby and so innocent, and so he was extremely popular to me .
So i used the habit TV Michael did on my friend,  gave him lots of leaves to play and showed him to get his food from my chopstick by 2 legs standing and walked to me, he was a very good friend, after school everyday, my only hobby was to play with him with leaves.
This cat vest long tee shirt reminds me of him every much because in the picture, the cat looks very much like my  friend Michael, the fabric of the t-shirt (mini dress ) is also very smooth and easy to wash too.
Some day i watched TV and saw some news about one cat on the street was tortured by passer by , if i saw someone did that on my friend or any other little friends , i would not let that off whoever did that to them.

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